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Offering a wide range of health services and products:

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Delivery & Prescription Pick Up
-Your time and convenience is our priority, Riverwalk Pharmacy offers prescription delivery and prescription pick up right from your home. 
Benefits Coordination
- Navigating through medical bills and forms can be difficult, we are happy to help you work with your insurance carrier to resolve any issues. 
Free Health Screenings, Blood Pressure, & Glucose Screenings
-Call for an appointment today and gain better knowledge and control of your personal health. Walk-ins are welcome. 

Immunizations & Vaccines

-We offer adult immunizations including Flu Shots. No appointments necessary.

Blister Packs/Pill Boxes

- For your convenience, we offer blister packs to help organize multiple medications and dosages. The service is beneficial to our elderly patients who require monthly medications in specific doses, making the process hassle free and organized. 

Safe Disposal of Medications

-Worry free medication disposal 


Riverwalk Pharmacy


Your wellness is our priority.  Contact us today for a free health screening

Prescriptions Scheduling Services

  • We offer "Medication Sync" for patients with multiple monthly prescriptions allowing them to be picked up on the same day each month or 90 days. 

  • We will work with your doctor to coordinate all benefits and calls to ensure all prescriptions are refilled on time and billed properly.  We ensure patient compliance with refill reminders and will alert our patients when their refill is ready for pickup. 

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